If you notice that people avoid contact with you, then something does not suit them. Think about it: if you are not too annoying? Do not distract a person empty talk from the important things? After all, sociability and persistence are different things. Your friendly relationship does not mean that you can nosy. Many people are short of communication, or they are just busy and because of common courtesy I can't ask you not to pester you with questions. Therefore, avoid meeting with you, and then just stop to chat.
If you asked a question and the person answers evasively, don't insist on an answer. Maybe he's just not ready to announce it now. Or doesn't want to tell you about something. And that is his right. Not to be Intrusive, stand back, and wait for the friend he will offer to continue the conversation on the topic that interests you.
You should not be bothersome in dealing with young people. Men are hunters at heart. They are interesting to achieve women, and not to hide from her pursuit. Try the abyss out of the circle of view of the object of adoration. If he was worried, I started calling and interested in your destiny, then everything is in order partner passionate about you and try to force yourself not absolutely necessary. But if after the termination of the communication calls is not received, continue to insist on meetings just not worth it. Most likely, the guy sighed quietly and just glad to have got rid of such annoying girls. And, of course, relations with him does not, it is not your option.
Even the closest people - parents, sisters, brothers - are closed for communication. Don't insist on talking if the person is not ready for that. If you see that he has a lot on his mind, ask if you can do something to help. If the answer is no - do not impose. Sometimes it's better to endure problems in isolation. But, at the same time, no offense. If native people did ask for assistance, be sure to respond.