When exposure comes to an end and you have the desire to get rid of such a girlfriend, think about what you guys had to endure before. After all, obsessive people do not for one evening to you "glued". Usually the behavior of a "victim" itself provokes molestation, for example, the inability to say "no", the desire to feel important and knowledgeable, able to help. But at some point you get very tired from such a mode of communication. And that's when you need to understand why you encourage this behavior. If you can't say "no", you need to work on self-esteem. If you want to feel important a person communicate more with friends, not prone to parasitism and obsessions. In a pinch, there's always charity events, from which you get a lot more satisfaction than communicating with annoying people.
Learn and apply the technique of "sleepy selfish". You must become passive in the conversation, phlegmatic, and most importantly - almost not reacting to the statements clingy girlfriend. Only talk about themselves, their problems and expectations. Please think over the dialogues, replica girlfriend golosuete only to the middle, interrupt, call it by a different name, become unbearable to talk to. Tell her how you got the alleged haunting friend, and ask for advice on how to get rid. This is a very clear hint, and most likely it will work. If not helped, will have to attract more serious equipment.
In difficult cases use the technique of "hard-nosed fanatic." Pretend that you were attracted to Protestant or sectarian doctrine and with every conversation tell her friend that she for their actions will burn in hell. This is a great way to ruin a relationship, from a position of spiritual authority, you can afford the most ruthless criticism. Most likely, it won't stand. One day they will get tired of listening to morals, and she just disappears from your life, and you will sigh with relief.