Advice 1: How to get rid of an obsessive girlfriend

Some women are facing in their lives with Intrusive friends. They not only absorb time, but still can't take a hint, spoil the relationship with others, his tactless remarks, and make life difficult.
How to get rid of an obsessive girlfriend
When exposure comes to an end and you have the desire to get rid of such a girlfriend, think about what you guys had to endure before. After all, obsessive people do not for one evening to you "glued". Usually the behavior of a "victim" itself provokes molestation, for example, the inability to say "no", the desire to feel important and knowledgeable, able to help. But at some point you get very tired from such a mode of communication. And that's when you need to understand why you encourage this behavior. If you can't say "no", you need to work on self-esteem. If you want to feel important a person communicate more with friends, not prone to parasitism and obsessions. In a pinch, there's always charity events, from which you get a lot more satisfaction than communicating with annoying people.
Learn and apply the technique of "sleepy selfish". You must become passive in the conversation, phlegmatic, and most importantly - almost not reacting to the statements clingy girlfriend. Only talk about themselves, their problems and expectations. Please think over the dialogues, replica girlfriend golosuete only to the middle, interrupt, call it by a different name, become unbearable to talk to. Tell her how you got the alleged haunting friend, and ask for advice on how to get rid. This is a very clear hint, and most likely it will work. If not helped, will have to attract more serious equipment.
In difficult cases use the technique of "hard-nosed fanatic." Pretend that you were attracted to Protestant or sectarian doctrine and with every conversation tell her friend that she for their actions will burn in hell. This is a great way to ruin a relationship, from a position of spiritual authority, you can afford the most ruthless criticism. Most likely, it won't stand. One day they will get tired of listening to morals, and she just disappears from your life, and you will sigh with relief.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the black strip in life

Life – stripy the Zebra. White stripe is replaced by regular black and black - white. But, sometimes, the sky darkens, colors fade, and clearance among the bad luck and failures are seen. This can happen to anyone. Most importantly, be able to bring honor to the challenges of life and to get rid of a prolonged losing streak.
How to get rid of the black strip in life
You will need
  • Paper;
  • handle.
For starters, change your attitude to the events of your life. What a person thinks, then it happens. It's not magic. Your thoughts affect your behavior and actions already provoke change reality in one way or the other. So always think only in a positive way, don't allow thoughts of failure, treat setbacks as temporary phenomenon and source of experience.
Believe in your strength. Believing in yourself is another way to attract trouble. Its action is similar to that described above. To get rid of the black strip in life, don't doubt that you are worthy of only good, and also that will definitely able to achieve that.
Don't complain. Starting to complain and feel sorry for yourself, you relax, allowing yourself to quit fighting, to give up. Besides, this behavior alienates those around you, depriving you of the full support.
Responsibility for their actions. Only you can make my life better or worse. And the circumstances you can always turn in your favor.
Live in the present. Memories of past events and dreams of the future will not help you change your present and build a life of which you dream. To get rid of the black strip in life, focus on what is happening around you in the present moment, on what you can do to overcome the difficulties.
If you want to solve your problems, realize that their cause lies in you, in your behavior, in your actions. Only taking responsibility for your actions, you will have an impact on what happens to you.
Taking a problem, make a clear plan of action to solve the problem. Complex cases break into several small and set specific deadlines. And having made a plan, begin to translate it into reality, to get rid of the black strip.
Starting to act on the plan, cease to dwell on their problems.
Useful advice
Reward yourself for each completed step on the way to the exit of the strip of bad luck.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of the obsessive fan

Sometimes a dream is to fascinate, to bewitch, to captivate, to drive men crazy turns into a nightmare. Appears obsessive fan and starts to bother with phone calls, flowers, letters, serenades under the window... And if the woman does not clearly say "no", there is a problem. After all, the man in turn sees it as a chance on love. What to do in this situation?
How to get rid of the obsessive fan
The most powerful weapon women of her look. It should be applied in two ways. First method: on a date closely and carefully consider your fan. To find some, even a minor flaw in his appearance. Feel free to embarrass him. Second method: look in the menu only, to the side, on other people. Avoid eye contact with the fan, show a lack of attention to his person.
Obsessive boyfriend scare wedding ring. If you are married, borrow it from some friend's betrothed.
Ask your young person to intervene, to speak, as they say, a man with an annoying date. If you just show him that you have other men, it may only stir up boyfriend. Remember: the sense of rivalry among men in the blood.
If you don't have a life partner who can protect you from unnecessary attention, proceed to take decisive action. Declare your fan that is madly in love with him and demand immediate hike in the Registrar's office. Think that your relative, which quickly execute all documents. Most likely, your boyfriend will be frightened and leave you alone. However, one should not exclude the option of consent. In this case, let them know that your ideas about the future are not the same.
Try to figure out what you thinks and sees the fan, and stand before him in a completely different way, thereby destroying his ideal. Introduce your boyfriend with the alleged insane friends (tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are) or state that the men you are only interested in the size of their wallets. And for dessert give him a pass for the seminar is for losers.
Be frivolous and wasteful. Constantly demand expensive gifts, attention.
Nag at him every detail. With all flirt but at the same time make your boyfriend jealousy for no reason. This will finally debunk your perfect way and, most likely, the fan will flee from you.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of obsessions

It happens that the mind returns again and again to the same thoughts. Then the idea becomes obsessive and can completely capture the mind of the individual. This situation creates the risk that the person concentrates on one thing and ceases to notice other aspects of life.
Get rid of unnecessary thoughts


To deal with obsessions is necessary because otherwise they will steal your consciousness and you will not be able to participate in other important projects. Understand that endlessly repeated thoughts about the same not help you to achieve some purpose, and only hinder the fulfillment of your desires.

Once you realize all the harm obsessions, try switching to some other items. Consider how areas of your life require your attention in the moment, and focus your resources on solving the current problems.

Keep in mind that attempts to switch and forget, will not give you a positive effect. We are talking about addiction and aimless pastime. Such tactics not only will help you to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, but can cause depression and damage to the psyche.

Ask for help

Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes the advice of family or friends helps you calm down and explain everything. Do not underestimate the healing effect that gives the discussion of urgent problems with understanding and knowledgeable person.

Perhaps, in some cases it is necessary to consult a professional psychologist to get rid of obsessions. Such a specialist will help you to change internal settings and to avoid unnecessary thoughts.

To deny

If Intrusive thoughts haunt you may need once and for all to carefully consider your concerns. When changing one factor is not possible, there is no point mentally again and again to return to him.

But if the idea is not meant to be only a dream, but rather embody it. Go ahead, try to turn your thoughts into reality. Dare to change the surrounding reality or Express an obsession in the past.

To change the mood

For peace of mind your spirit is very important positive attitude. Do not allow thoughts oppressed you. Believe in your power to direct them in a more optimistic direction. For example, if you are concerned about the possibility of failure, setbacks, and this obsession prevents to live, imagine what would happen if your fears come true.

There are times when a person is anxious disproportionately greater than the scale of the alleged disaster. Once you realize all wanton and unreasonableness of his anxiety, bad thoughts can leave you.

Learn to live in the here and now. This pattern will free you from obsessive ideas. Instead of having to constantly be immersed in their own thoughts, direct their attention to what is happening around. Better, clearer and brighter you will perceive the present, the less likely that the bad thoughts will torment you.

Advice 5 : How to get rid of the victim syndrome

Nobody loves me, everyone betrays friends to be relied upon – such thoughts often revolve in the mind of potential "victims". In psychology there is even a special term describing these people - victim syndrome. The reasons for his rather deep and not as simple as it may seem at first glance. A man's life this syndrome can ruin quite easily.
How to get rid of the victim syndrome
The victim syndrome is rooted in the childhood of man. And suffer from it in equal terms by both men and women. The reason may be that nedolyublennosti when children feel parents do not need were a second or third child after a brother or sister, who almost did not get special benefits. Because of this, from childhood, they formed a sense of their own inferiority and there is a belief that they are not worthy of something bigger. And this idea is so firmly seated in their subconscious, that it seems that life itself offers them constantly situations which are played not in favor of "victims".

For the victim syndrome is characterized by the indifference of the person to what is happening in his life. He simply resigns himself to the fact that it abandon loved ones people, friends only use it, when they need at work are not respected.

Often "victims" described as dull and boring people, not stand out from the crowd, talking quietly, with no severe gestures and izvinyaysya even in situations when the right they. Their failure to stand up for himself and becomes the reason for the use of the "victims" of other people for their own purposes.

To blame the parents and assume that they messed up life for the victim is very peculiar. Moreover, in most cases, people suffering from this syndrome, are satisfied. It does not need to work on myself to fix everything.

If you are tired all the time to be a whipping boy, and you have decided to start a new life in which there would be no victim syndrome have to take will in a fist.

First look to yourself and note your progress. Be sure to record them all in a notebook. Rebuked in a letter thoughts look more monumental and also you will be able to more clearly evaluate all been able to achieve. Be sure to track all of your existing positive traits. But don't focus on the negative – it destroys and you're already strongly castigated himself a consciousness of their own insignificance.

Include in your daily schedule, and auditory training. Be sure to tell yourself daily that you are a great person who deserves all the best, and your opinion should be considered.

Further the most difficult – learn to refuse in situations when you don't want to do something, and you are under pressure. It is difficult, but possible. Remember that the first time people will wonder because they've learned that you trouble-free, and the breaking of stereotypes is a rather complex process. So you can start to practice on unfamiliar people. For example, colleagues from the Department with whom you meet rarely, and from them in your work, nothing changes.

Experts say that it is enough for 15-20 days to implement such recommendations, to the consciousness of the victim began to change. Of course, at the end of this period should not throw practice. And pretty soon you will feel like your behavior is changing, the sacrifice goes away, you start to communicate with people on equal terms.

If by yourself get rid of the victim syndrome does not come out, consult a doctor. So, the reasons lie deeper and to get to them only by a professional.
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