If your friend is upset about something or anxious, it is natural to ask him what had happened and to offer help. But do not insist if you see that a person is not to be open. In this case, it is better to leave him alone proposing to apply if assistance is still required.
It is very difficult to define the line between care and obsession loving person. Enthusiasm of the first days of love inevitably gives way to smoother relationships. More emotional partner (usually the woman) is sometimes sensitive about this change, considering it a sign of cooling even at close separation.
The most unfortunate decision is the pursuit of the beloved, the constant phone calls and text messages, conversations in chat rooms and grievances if your favorite is not answered immediately, or a friend of mine quickly said goodbye. Learn to respect the personal space of another person. Give him the right to be free from you. The desire to keep the man on the leash will almost inevitably cause him the desire to escape.
Of course, to show attention to your favorite must, but just enough to make it not annoying. The need to constantly justify himself and to prove his love can cause you so afraid of cooling and separation.
Find some interesting or useful classes to fill the time that you spend individually. This can be a sport, a foreign language, some other hobby or just meet with friends. Men should have and thought that waiting for his call – your only business. Otherwise, even the kind and good man may be a little tempted to abuse their power over you.
Sometimes the obsession can move the parental care. Parents cannot believe that their child is already grown and capable of action that will not lead to illness or accident. However, even kids need a measure of independence. A healthy 5-year-old angrily shouts: "I am!", when parents are trying to build instead a house out of chairs and blankets.
Imposed parental assistance can go to the detriment, depriving kids of the joy of self-creation. This applies even more to grown children. Do not deny them the right to buy their own life experience, even at the cost of mistakes and hardship. Of course, children need to know that I can count on your support if they need it, but better still wait for their requests.