Learn to set clear goals and achieve them. Select the task and execute it. Be sure to do all of that in mind. Gradually complicate their goals.
Stop complaining and look like a loser. Manage to see a nasty situation from the other side and talk about it with humor. To cut to the ills of life and change your attitude to life, watch a Comedy and read uplifting books.
Be mysterious. Do not discuss with persons who are not members of your family, financial situation, health and intimate details of life. If everything about you is known, you will be easy to manipulate. If you create an aura of mystery, you will be easier to gain credibility in the team.
Be aware of your surroundings. Follow the news and trends in fashion, the release of electronic novelties. The more you know about the world in which you live, the easier it will be to adapt to its changes.
Add self-confidence. Take care of their appearance and physical form. When you change your style to be more Executive, you will see how your attitude begins to change. You will need it to hold and even to think.
Don't let yourself be manipulated. Learn to recognize a person who tries to impose their opinions. Not to submit to flattery and provocation.
Visit the training of personal growth. A professional can help you to gain confidence in their abilities and reinforce the desire to take life into their own hands. Read motivational books and watch movies in which the heroes go against the system and succeed.
Learn to refuse. Do not go against their own will to please the other person. There are many different ways to make it clear that now is not the right time to ask you a favor: from hints to a clear "no". Do not feel guilty, because you don't owe anyone anything.