You will need
  • mobile phone.
You are not the first day know this person and understand that a pleasant dialogue, you will not succeed. So, seeing him afar off, boldly dive into the transition, go to another street or hide in the store.
Abort the conversation, citing urgent business. From the annoying person has no sense of tact, so weak sorry, I have to go, it will not produce the desired impression. Say something unexpected. For example, refer that in 10 minutes you flies the helicopter and you need to be on the roof of his house, you now decorate your toilet, and your hands in the paint. Annoying people just get confused and will not find what you argue, and you will be able to escape, taking advantage of his confusion.
Constantly interrupt him. When he tells you another story of my life, say something like "I'm not interested, let's discuss my favorite movie", "tired to hear about it, and how is our mutual friend Marina?".
Cling to him in his story, ask clarifying questions. The more absurd the issue, the better, the main thing – their number. Imagine yourself as a blonde from jokes, to better get into character. Attacked by your questions, annoying person will try to quickly end the conversation.
Interrupt your interlocutor in the middle of the phrase, and say that you urgently need to call. Phone conversation must be as long as possible and stupid.
If you are incredibly tactful person and did not wish to offend by refusing, sit back comfortably and think of something pleasant. Occasionally insert the word "Yes", "yeah" and sadly it's head. You can do this at random, will be even better. Annoying interlocutor suspected this trick and finished your conversation, go find a new victim.