Compare your social status with the position of men in society. You might be very successful or get a higher salary. Men hard to realize that women can be leaders. Rather, the representatives of the stronger sex want to see in the beloved guardian of the hearth. And if you are a business lady with big business, and show your willingness to be a good wife and mother.
Invite a man home and your mutual friends. Does not focus on the fact that aspire to communicate with this person. At home, feeling like a mistress of the situation, show yourself with the other hand, be so, what is it you have never seen. Don't insist on talking, don't pay too much attention, it will only alienate the man.
Find a man points of contact. Learn everything you can about his Hobbies and develop in this direction. For example, an avid numismatist easy to interest a rare coin or in-depth knowledge in this field.
Try as much as possible to know about past relationships men. Maybe you like one of his ex-girlfriends. Such information is very useful because you will be able to avoid many mistakes in communication.
Try to talk openly with a man and find out his reasons for this to you. No need to say accusatory tone, in the end, it is you don't have to. Explain that you do not understand this position and would like to change your style of communication. Perhaps a calm conversation will allow the man to relax and talk to you frankly.
Find out, maybe men have a girlfriend or wife. Then his attitude towards you may be due to sympathy, which prevents real relationship. The man just tries to remain faithful. Here you need to decide for yourself whether you want to continue to get attention and ruin it a couple or should leave the guy alone.