Most importantly, you understand your compulsion and want to get rid of it. Realizing his problem, you have a chance to get rid of this bad habit and make life easier for themselves and others.
Start to control yourself. Carefully observe yourself and your desires, and when you once again want to impose another person, stop yourself. Understand that sometimes people want to spend time apart from you, do not consider it an insult or an attempt to move away. Sometimes it's good to spend time apart to appreciate time together.
Find something to do. Very often people impose on others just because they don't know what to do. Engage in a hobby, devote time to their Hobbies and self-development. You can read a book or watch a new movie. When you feel yourself start to intrude, back off and take care love.
Don't call too often. Some people think the obsession is manifested only in a joint pastime, but even the constant calls and TEXT messages can be annoying and perceived as an imposition. If you need to control yourself and not to call, take the rate to expensive rate. Then you will be significantly less time to spend in conversation. The habit constantly to call the guy will disappear, bring back the old rate, but know the measure in calls.
Spend time with your friends. If you lack communication, meet friends, have fun and have fun with them, go shopping and discuss the latest news. Spend your days with different people, not to impose one.
Become more self-confident. Very often the obsession occurs because of self-doubt and fear to lose him. But the constant calls and requirement meetings will not benefit the relationship, you should raise the self-esteem, become independent and to give the initiative in the hands of men. The guy himself must ask about the meeting and phoning, and you deprive him of this, taking over its role. Learn to enjoy life alone, and can not be imposed on people.