Advice 1: What is the book "Eat, pray, love"

The book of Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, pray, love" is an international bestseller. This autobiographical work about the internal search of the person. The heroine of the novel finds himself gradually, in the process of traveling the world. The book shot the same film.
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, pray, love"
In 2006, a book by American writer Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, pray, love" ("Eat, Pray, Love"). This autobiographical novel immediately became a bestseller. It was translated into many languages, including on Russian.

And in 2010, readers were able to see the film, based on the book by Ryan Murphy. The main role was played by Julia Roberts. The film, like the book had a considerable success in the United States and in other countries.

The contents of the book "Eat, pray, love"?

The first answer to this question can be found, barely opening the book. In the abstract they say that the main character's name as the writer. She was quite wealthy, successful woman. But the feeling of dissatisfaction led to thoughts that a lot in her life wrong, wrong. After her divorce from her husband, Elizabeth is trying to find inner balance. As a result, she embarks on a journey of a year. She visits Italy, India, Indonesia.
Abstract ends with the words ""Eat, pray, love" is a book about how you can find joy where there is no wait, and how not to look for happiness where it will not. By definition".

The book consists of three parts, each of which has 36 chapters. In the "Preface" Elizabeth Gilbert compares the structure of his book with an Eastern rosary. 108 chapters about finding happiness as 108 beads in the rosary for repetition of mantras.

In Italy, Elizabeth has been studying the Italian language and get acquainted with the local cuisine. And slowly comes the understanding that you can embrace the new without fear that you can just enjoy every day, to enjoy delicious food, not afraid to gain extra pounds. By the end of the trip to Italy Liz begins to "see the light at the end of the tunnel," she "gathered myself together and help the innocent pleasures became a much more holistic entity".

In India the heroine gets to understand our own soul. She lives in the Ashram, meditating, meeting new people. Four months in the soul of Elizabeth is really changing a lot. And ahead of trip to Indonesia.

In Indonesia Liz is looking for harmony. The special nature of Bali, the way of life of Balinese people, relationships with them, so simple and complex at the same time, everything suggests that the world is in harmony, only to realize that it is necessary to have it in your heart to love.

The perception of the book "Eat, pray, love"

Reviews for the Elizabeth Gilbert book, "Eat, pray, love" sometimes just the opposite. Some consider this novel a masterpiece, while others see only boring narrative. Someone thinks the book is designed exclusively for women, and someone finds the book of the wise, and it can be interesting to different people, regardless of gender.
Among the reviews you can find those who say that the novel, if not turned over their own lives, forced to think about many things.

In fact, each person is unique in its kind. And that's fine. Different attitudes to one and the same work has a right to exist.

The fact that the book for quite a long time was a bestseller, and now the interest is there, says that Elizabeth Gilbert has created an extraordinary novel. Anyway, the book is written sincerely and in good language, and this is a big plus.

Advice 2: Where to spend an evening in Bali

The festivals of the full moon, dance Kechak, night clubs and cafes karaoke, hookah Lounges, decorated in middle Eastern style, and impromptu concerts by local guitar players and vocalists right on a city street or on the beach. Bali never sleeps and never stops. But amid this diversity there are few places with a distinct atmosphere.
Where to spend an evening in Bali

Restaurant Siam Sally is located next to the famous Bali retreat Yoga barn and is famous for its excellent Thai cuisine. The restaurant has its own organic farm in the mountains North of Ubud. Another feature of the Siam Sally - jazz concerts every Saturday night.

Fly Café boasts "the best Balinese BBQ", "best Balinese burgers" and "the island's best key lime pie". This place had the visitation of Hollywood stars Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts during the filming in Bali the movie "Eat, pray, love", which became even more attractive for tourists from around the world.

A restaurant and a bar Bunut offers a romantic retreat in the heart of bustling Ubud. Tables are placed on the balconies, good service and an impressive wine list. The motto of institution - "after Tasting our signature dish Nasi panggang, you will taste the true Balinese delight." Live music: on Thursdays - reggae on Fridays - acoustic, Blues on Saturdays.

The jazz Café is popular with locals and tourists club, restaurant and bar in Ubud, a Mecca for fans of good music and inspiring atmosphere. Every evening, except Monday, invited groups perform jazz, Blues, funk, soul and world music. All this is complemented by an award-winning bistro and legendary cocktails. The jazz Cafe is often a place for weddings, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

The younger brother of the jazz Cafe Bar Smiling Buddhais a relatively new place in town, cozy and bright. Here you can share a plate of tapas and a pitcher of sangria, serves Balinese and Asian cuisine, a dessert of lychee and lemon Martini. And on Mondays at Smiling Buddha Bar concerts the Bali Blues Brothers.

In Jimbaran is worth to visit the Rock Bar in Ayana hotel. Panoramic Elevator, great cocktail menu, live music all night, the sound of the waves crashing below on the rocks, and unforgettable ocean views - some more pleasant moments in the Treasury of impressions of Bali.


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