You will need
  • text editor Microsoft Word 2007 or 2003.
If you are using a version of Microsoft Office Word 2003 and earlier, editor of the formula has not been installed, then do it now. After installation it is better to create additional item in menu of the word processor to simplify access to the editorfrom formulas. To do this, select "settings" by opening the Word menu section "tools".
Click the tab "Commands" in the list "Category" select "Insert". In the right pane of the window that appears look for the item "the Editor of formulas" and drag it with the left mouse button at the appropriate place in the menu of the text editor.
If you want to change already inserted into a text document formulas, it is enough to click her mouse, and Word will automatically turn the editor of formulas. If you are using Microsoft Office Word 2007 menu will be added another tab called "Designer" placed under "the Editor of formulas". Clicking on this new tab, you can start editing the formulas.
If you want to create new formulas, you must first set the cursor to the desired location in a text document. Then click on the "Insert" menu in word processor and click the "Formula", which is placed in the group of "Characters" - the extreme right in the menu section. This will start the editor of formulas. But you can't start creating formulaswith zero, and not the actual click this button Formula, and a separate section with a checkbox at its right edge. Then, from the button drop list with a set of predefined formulas, from which to choose similar to the one that you need to enter. Select it, and then also turn on the editor, but in this case you need to customize an existing formulafrom a template.