The dosage of folic acid for pregnant women is 600-800 micrograms, but the planned pregnancy begin taking her in advance for 2 months in a prophylactic dose is 400 mcg. With the onset of an interesting situation to continue the course for 16 weeks. If there are indications of a doctor, drink it throughout the term. In order to prevent the intake of folic acid will resume in 7-8 month.
For the period of reception of polyvitaminums for pregnant women do not take folic acid in addition. A glut of it can cause allergic reactions, dyspepsia, irritability, and sleep disturbance.
For proper absorption of folic acid, drink it simultaneously with vitamin B12. It is essential for metabolism, blood formation, and in combination with other substances – for synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein substances that contain hereditary information. The daily requirement in it is 3-5 µg.
Even with the right combination of folic acid with other vitamins absorption only possible in a healthy gut, therefore take care not only about her admission and on full suction. And for this eat right. Make your diet without the predominance of pastry, confectionery and thermally processed products. It should be more raw vegetables, fruits and greens, juice, nuts and dairy products. For normal tone of the intestine 30 minutes before a meal drink a glass of water.
The break time of folic acid intake for pregnant women should include in your diet as many foods with its contents. Is brewer's yeast, kidney, liver, eggs, cauliflower, green onions, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, dill, asparagus. For preservation of vitamins it is better to use them raw (except meat).