Class kitten and its cost

как отличить котенок британец или нет

First and foremost, the price of such animals depends on their class. Exhibition cats, intended for breeding, are more than those who are soon to be spayed or neutered. The highest price is established on animals show class. This kittens a perfect match to the breed standards, is able to give superior offspring and make a great career in the exhibitions conducted by various systems, including the WCF, FIFE and others. The price of these kittens varies on average from 15,000 to 30,000 R. R., and depends on gender, color, pedigree, age, color of coat.

Note that the value of the animal in different cities may vary. This is due to the average level of wages, spending, population and other important factors.
Cats breed-class is cheaper. These are the animals that can participate in exhibitions and used for breeding, but have minor flaws, sometimes preventing a high score on the exhibitions. This Brit is an average of 9000 to 15000 p. the cheapest option is the purchase of British pet-class. These kittens not intended for breeding because they have serious deviations from the breed standards in the bite, the color, the shape of the ears, the structural features of the tail, etc, the British will be a wonderful pet, but he is subject to compulsory sterilization or castration. Kitten pet-class will cost you about 3000-6000 R.

What determines the cost of a kitten of the British

расцветка британских гладкошерстных кошек

In any class kittens can be more expensive or cheaper. An important role is played by the color. Chocolate and lilac British Shorthair cats are very common, so they are relatively inexpensive. Bring the kittens this color is not difficult. Another thing, if we are talking about the chinchilla with green eyes or blue eyes the color colorpoint animals. Their price is significantly higher.

Remember that a good kitten British Shorthair does not come cheap. You should consider at least the cost of binding, special food for pregnant cats, kittens to feed, diaper, toys, vaccinations, documents.
The answer to the question, how much is a kitten of the British, depends on the conditions under which it is sold. Of course, we are not talking about cases where the animal's transfer to a new owner without vaccinations, state registration, veterinary, birth certificate or pedigree. The fact that the sale of purebred kitten from a breeder documents can specify in the requirements to give him one or more future kittens from one or more matings in its sole discretion, and this condition will impose additional obligations on buyer, but will reduce the price of the animal.