You will need
  • - catalogues of the coins;
  • - a magnifying glass.
Try to determine the authenticity caught in your disposal a instance of ancient coins. With the help of a magnifying glass, examine it, paying priority to the details of the image. The main difference between the fake coins is the lack of definition of implementation details.
Please refer to the specialized catalogs of coins. Compare your copy with the image of the coins presented in these publications will not only help to determine the authenticity of coins, but also to estimate its current market value. Note the rare coins; of this criterion depends largely on the cost of the product. The smaller the number of coins of this type is in circulation among collectors, the more valuable is the instance.
Use for evaluating coins the help of professionals. Take a picture of the coin on both sides in macro mode. Made picture put on one of the reputable forums devoted to numismatics. Clearly specify the question about the cost of a specific instance and ask experts to Express their views. Even if you do not receive sufficient information, the experts will help you to determine the approximate order of digits, determining the value of the coin.
If you do not have the necessary experience and reference materials available, ask for help in assessing in a solid company with a solid and proven reputation in the market of numismatics. Imagine the coins for research to determine their authenticity and valuation. Large firms can at your request to order an expert opinion which will be accompanied by professional photographs of coins, as well as spectral analysis of the data. The presence of such evidence of the authenticity increases the chances to exchange or sell the coins at a profit.