Valuable coins of the USSR

During the existence of the USSR since 1921, released a large number of coins. Huge historical value they do not yet have, because since the founding of the Union less than a century. But leading numismatists staged a real hunt for them, because today some very rare coins can be worth tens of thousands of rubles. Valuable coins and their value vary depending on whether it was trial copies, not released into circulation, or coins, released in a small edition and quickly withdrawn from circulation.

The first coin of the USSR, characterized by rare, is the instance of a par value of 1 rouble 1921, which was made of silver of 900 samples, and weighed 20 grams. The obverse of the coin contained the image of the star placed in the center of the unit which circled dots in a circle. Above the star between oak and Laurel branches depicted is the denomination "ruble". RUB on all the years attended, the phrase "PROLETARIANS of ALL COUNTRIES UNITE" with a common difference is the location of the decimal point.

The second coin, having not less valuable is the ruble, which was released in a period of crisis and change of government (including management of the mint) in 1922. It differs from previous instances is in the form of a comma, the size of the points located around the emblem and letters on edge of coin "PL" and "AG".

1925 pleased collectors and numismatists several valuable masterpieces, the most expensive of which, due to the production of small quantities, are considered one and the dvuhkopeechnaya copper coins. Today, the cost of these specimens can reach 5-6 thousand rubles. Coins of this year have the same design, differing only in the indicated value.

Remained a mystery of a vanished coin in 2 pennies, minted by Leningrad mint in 1942. According to legend, only it was 450 coins of this denomination, and they were all destroyed by soldiers, who used them for homemade lighters. That is why there is not a single surviving copy.

The most modest in the sphere of numismatics has become a period of 70-80 years, and only in 1990 released a pair of instances with nominal 5 and 10 cents of value that the right side of the coat of arms depicted the letter "M" which means the Mint of Moscow.

Valuable Russian coins

Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia is starting to mint their coins, some specimens of which were not less valuable. For example, the 2001 coin with denomination of 2 rubles, issued in honor of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space, is similar to that of jubilee only that has no mint mark. Due to this its price is thousands of times greater than the jubilee.

Also relevant, valuable coins, value of which increases by several hundred times due to the stamp of marriage to an inattentive copies of 2002 and 2003 And if you were lucky enough to get 5 rubles minted in Saint Petersburg in 1999, it can be considered a big success, as this rare coin is worth about 400 thousand rubles.

In General, coins of the Saint Petersburg yard these years have an increased demand in numismatics. For example, Nickel ruble 2003, or 5 cents 2002-2003 of steel with a Nickel silver can be sold at auction for a thousand rubles, and the condition of the coins has a direct impact on the cost.

Valuable modern coins

Coin collection is constantly replenished by mass copies, while other, more rare species, more expensive and cause a stir at auction. Coins centuries ago, which today in modern Russia are in great demand in the highest circles of numismatists at the expense of their individuality and high cost. For example, a coin of 10 rubles with the image of Alexander III of 1880 edition get almost impossible. Therefore, its cost has reached 2 million rubles.

Sberbank of Russia offers investment gold coins: gold coins from the collection of the "Sower" coins "George the victorious", or "Zodiac Signs". They are all made of pure gold, and operations with them are not charged tax. Such instances have a high price today, which over the years will only increase.

Also noticeably stand out among the other commemorative coins dedicated to various events. They have a beautiful design, symbolizing the memorable date and limited edition.

Commemorative coins Sochi 2014

As an example, commemorative coins can serve as instances of the unusual denominations of 25 rubles, which was released before the Olympics in Sochi. This is a special four types of coins, each of which carries its own meaning: the first two, "Talismans of Sochi, made from a Nickel alloy and copper, though one of them, with a circulation of 250 thousand units, color. On the reverse of the coins is engraved with the symbols of the Olympic games: a bear, a leopard and a hare.

The following two kinds, the Emblem of Sochi, also have a color and colorless variant. They reverse displays snow-covered mountains with the words " 2014" and the five rings symbolizing the Olympics. Colored coin is the inscription shade of blue and the rings are colorful.

Commemorative Sochi instances have another feature – the emblem they depict on the obverse, unlike the other coins.

Commemorative coins of the 2014 Olympics are not only an interesting and valuable gift. Instances cause the collectors keen interest and reckless desire to possess it, to many years later, to present coins as beautiful memories of such a memorable event.