In most cases, frequent urination is due to infectious diseases, such as pyelonephritis (inflammation of the renal pelvis) and cystitis (inflammation of bladder). For the treatment of patients prescribed a course of antibiotics. After some time a second course. In between patients by the doctor should take diuretics, consume drinks that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (e.g., cranberry juice).
Frequent urination in men can be a symptom of inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis). First, you need to determine whether in the prostate bacterial infection. To do this, analyze the swab from the urethra (the urethra). In the presence of pathogenic bacteria is first treated with antibiotics. Then appoint massage of a gland and medications restorative actions that promote the resorption of stagnant zones in the prostate. Remember prevention of prostatitis: to prevent the supercooling region below the belt, to have an active lifestyle.
Frequent urination may indicate the development of diabetes. This disease can indicate the following symptoms: dry mouth, weakness, fatigue. Treatment of diabetes is long and complex. It depends primarily on the type of diabetes (I or II) and General health of the patient, age, etc. it is Necessary to strictly monitor the level of glucose in the blood to keep all of a doctor, diet. Then the patient's condition gradually stabiliziruemost, and, accordingly, stops frequent urination.
The cause of frequent urination in the toilet can be kidney stones or bladder. The fact that they interfere with complete emptying of the bladder, and urine builds up much faster than should be normal. We must first establish the nature of the stones (phosphate, urate, oxalate). Then the doctor can make the decoction of herbs that promotes their dissolution or break up the stones with ultrasound (a technique of shock wave lithotripsy). In the most severe cases, you should remove the stones surgically.