Why you may often want to use the toilet?

Normal is going to the toilet once in 2-2. 5 hours. Frequency of urination depends on several factors: the amount of fluid you drink, physical activity, chronic diseases. Filtration of urine in the body is constant, and the accumulation of it in the bladder, increasing pressure on its walls in the spinal cord begin to receive signals that the bladder is full.

But there are condition when going to the toilet becomes very frequent. And they can be divided into two groups:

the feeling of a full bladder when trying emptying is allocated a small amount of urine;
— frequent urge to the toilet when you actually empty the bladder.

The vessel is half full

Frequent urination in small portions more common. This condition is characteristic of several diseases.

Cystitis is the most common and least dangerous cause, although the discomfort it brings is palpable. Cystitis inflammation of the bladder wall. Due to the inflammation it swells and stiffens, causing a feeling of full bladder. But every trip to the toilet very little urine excreted.

Diabetes mellitus is a serious endocrine disease. Diabetes patient many drinks and urinates a lot. Due to the ingestion of large amounts of fluid urine is filtered very quickly and the urge to the toilet more often. But in this case each visit to the restroom becomes productive.

Chronic renal failure is a dangerous chronic disease that can lead to very serious consequences, if it is to run. In CKD, the urine produces a lot, but it is, so to say, diluted. In other words in the urine dramatically reduced weight, and reduced concentration of salts.

Urinary tract infection — any disease transmitted through sexual contact. In addition to frequent urination patients pain and cramps, swelling in the genital area and abnormal discharge from the genitals.

Kidney stones, more precisely, kidney stones, lower the urinary bladder. They take place in the bladder, and the amount of urine accumulates shorter. But because of the pressure in the bladder of urination in the toilet will still, although portions of urine will decrease considerably. The same thing happens in volumetric formations in the bladder.

A vessel is half empty

The state when the bladder is empty, but the person haunting haunt urination, are much rarer. They are associated most often with strong stress and anxiety is a form of neurosis.

In addition to disorders in the nervous system of the bladder can cause malfunctioning ovaries.

Whatever the reason, you should not attempt to self-treat. Be sure to go to a gynecologist or urologist — he will find you the correct treatment or schedule a consultation with another specialist.