Advice 1: How to get rid of shy bladder syndrome (Paruresis)

Often in an unusual situation, especially in the presence of strangers, some people experience problems when urinating natural needs – urination in such situation becomes impossible, even with a strong desire. This condition is called paruresis syndrome shy bladder or if easier, the fear of urinating on people. This condition is not a disease in the full sense of the word, the more it suited the name of a pathological condition, because in a relaxed home environment problems with emptying the bladder usually does not occur. Often this problem occurs in men, but women too from time to time it happens. Scientists claim that seven percent of people at one time or another in their lives experienced a similar condition.
How to get rid of shy bladder syndrome (Paruresis)
Trust your subconscious.

The subconscious takes care of a lot. Blinking, digestion, erections, breathing, the menstrual cycle, saliva, and many other processes, it is better to leave that part of you that knows how to manage them: your subconscious mind.

Alert and conscious attention to difficult natural physical processes. When people think about sleep, consciously trying to fall asleep, it interferes with the development of sleep and may cause insomnia. Similarly, when such a natural function, like urinating interferes with consciousness, then the whole process breaks down.

Now, if you are going to go somewhere before you leave home, close your eyes and say to your subconscious: "Today, I am (consciousness) is not going to interfere with the processes that should control you." This may seem silly, but this self-hypnosis has helped many shy people who suffer from shy bladder.
Rehearse your success.

Your imagination is a powerful tool, use it.

When you actually use the toilet at home, imagine that you are in a public toilet and feel completely relaxed. This will help you prepare for the real situation.
You may have noticed that in some public toilets it's easier to relax than others; perhaps this is due to the fact that they are less busy. Make a list of easy toilets, medium difficulty and difficult.
Start with the fact that during the week, use so-called light toilets. Using easy toilet, imagine that you are in the toilet of an average difficulty. Clearly imagine it in your mind. Then go to the toilets of average difficulty. Using the toilet is of average difficulty, imagine that your use of difficult toilet.

Like any rehearsal, this will help prepare the brain to real life situations.
Remember the days before the shy bladder syndrome.

Events from the past, remembers not only the mind, the body also remembers them. So, if I remember some funny incident, I can feel that once you start to laugh. If I remember the time when I was in very good physical shape, I feel stronger.

Eyes closed, remember a time when you have not experienced problems with urination in a public toilet. Imagine yourself, you are relaxed and allow your body to make natural process . Due to this your mind and body will feel as well as then. Do this exercise regularly, and then you'll start to feel comfortable using public toilets.
Ask someone close to help you.

Tell us about your problem to a close friend or family member and ask that he be near you when you use the toilet.

Yes, indeed, this will allow you to relieve stress. Why? Because they will know about it. Embarrassment and shame arise when you hide it. If your best friend knows about your problem, his presence will confuse you much less.

If you are a guy, practice standing with your friend at the next urinal. If it turns out to be funny, the better, because laughter displaces anxiety. Women can practise urine or just to sit in a cubicle about a friend that you trust.

Any fear can be overcome, important attitude and desire to get rid causes of fear. Syndrome shy bladder is a temporary condition. These guidelines will effectively help you in solving the problem of paruresis.
Attention! If you doubt your abilities, consult a therapist. Yourself with such kind of problems can be dealt with only in the case when you are sure that you will be able to cope without the help of a professional.
Useful advice
Any fear can be overcome, important attitude and desire to get rid causes of fear. Syndrome shy bladder is a temporary condition. These guidelines will effectively help you in solving the problem of paruresis.

Advice 2: How to get rid of auto-suggestion

Each person in life there are situations when bad thoughts do come in mind. But, thinking about the bad, people subconsciously give yourself installation to further adverse development. This is especially true in cases when we are talking about any disease and its treatment. And sometimes it happens so that quite healthy and successful people so inspire themselves to all sorts of failures that they move from the imaginary to the real. Is it possible to get rid of auto-suggestion and how to do it? It's certainly possible. All depends only on you.
How to get rid of auto-suggestion
Tune in to positive emotions. If you are suddenly visited by a negative thought, chase it away. Try to catch yourself in that thought and deliberately think about the opposite, positive point. Say mentally: "No, that's not gonna happen", "This cannot happen", "I'll be fine" and so on.
Possibly, more load yourself with all kinds of business and occupations, there was no time to think about the bad. The lack of time for all sorts of negative mental demagoguery will significantly reduce the level of anxiety and negative self-hypnosis.
Purposefully teach myself good, trying to find a real reason. For example, you go to the exam. Do not think that you do not pass it, you will have "unsatisfactory" and so on. On the contrary, mentally tune into a favorable outcome and justify it. "Because you learned the material the day and night! Why you should not pass?" or "Yes, I learned partially or completely. But either gets a good ticket, or give the opportunity to retake the next time. But all will end happily!"
Focused self-hypnosis positive result must be accompanied by real actions to achieve it. Do not sit idly by.
Once the goal is achieved, be sure to mark this mentally as their achievement, even if it's a minor success. According to this approach, negative thoughts will come less and less, as if suddenly this happens, it is from a single reflection will be easy to get rid of. Most importantly, the steps outlined below will help to get rid of auto-suggestion, which systematically interferes with the normal life and achieve their goals.
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