You will need
  • receipt;
  • - a plastic Bank card;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - e-money.
Pay for communication services at the post office. To come to the nearest branch. You must have a receipt and the required amount. In this type of payment fee for payment is not deducted. The postal worker will take the cash, and you will be given a ticket and a receipt confirming payment.
You can pay your bill in the Bank. Visit any Bank branch and make payment. The Bank employee give notice of arrears together with the specified amount. The operator will make all the necessary manipulations and will give you a receipt and ticket, which are considered confirmation of payment.
If you have a plastic Bank card, use ATM. In this case, you do not have to stand in queues, and a receipt you do not need. On the machine select the required option, enter the phone number. The amount required for payment will be displayed automatically. Make it through the bill acceptor, then the ATM will issue a receipt.
If you have an account in any Bank, pay phones and other services via the Internet from the comfort of home. This is possible if the Bank's website provides this option. Select it and then click "Pay". Enter all of the requested data. The transaction history will be confirmation of your payment.
If you use electronic money, make payment through Internet. You will keep a Commission, the amount of which is determined directly by the system itself.