Make sure that the phone has a local SIM-card "Beeline". Also check whether you've set the device service to exchange MMS. If not, open the SIM menu and select "My Beeline" - "Settings. phone" - "MMS". after receiving the message settings, open it then enter the password 1234, and if it does not fit - 12345. Restart the phone and then send a free blank SMS to number 000. Wait for the answer.
In order to activate unlimited MMS, dial the number 0674093661. From this moment on, from the account your phone will be charged the monthly fee of $ 2 per day. To use the service it is better to start only the next day.
Enter the USSD command *106# and you find out how many free MMS you can send. In the period from 00:00 to 04:00 this information may not be displayed. This means that the service for the previous day had stopped and for the onset - not yet started (and subscriber charges not yet written off). Do not send anyone an MMS during this period they will be charged as usual.
If you activated throughout the day you can send up to 300 free MMS to subscribers of "Beelinea", and other local GSM operators and e-mail address. The service does not apply to messages sent to four-digit numbers to phones abroad, as well as SMS messages. MMS also be paid on some holidays.
If you want to deactivate the service, call 0674090170. After that, your outgoing MMS will be charged as usual.
If you are connected via photoplates rate, the terms of service and how it can connect and disconnect different. Also note that roaming GPRS traffic for outgoing and incoming MMS is charged, and at greatly inflated prices.