For starters, you can just call her and offer to go somewhere comfortable for girls. But we should not be too Intrusive. Don't call her every day with another offer if every answer sounds harsh or veiled "no". So you can just lose face in the eyes of the girl and even become her unpleasant.
If phone calls have not yielded the desired result, change your tactics. The formula "the less we love a woman, the more she likes us", voiced by Pushkin, really works. Try to visit and spend time in the same places and businesses that the object of your courtship. Politely greet a girl can make her some compliment and... not pay any attention to her. At the same time try to be sure you noticed: make jokes, have fun, give signs of attention to other females. But with the latest best not to overreact as the one for whom you all are doing and might be offended.
Next, you should pause for a moment. During this time, through his friends you can figure out how favorably you apply to the girl. Through them you can run some "duck" about the reasons for your absence: how do you get a fever, rescue the drowning of a first grader, or sprained foot, chasing a robber (etc.). Such tricks not only create a heroic aura around your person, but nudge the girl into action, as the supermen are rare, and to have one of those - a great success for the fairer sex.
A few days later the time will come "to gather stones". Appear in the company as if nothing had happened and be sure that your passion will not only pay attention to you, but she will try to establish with you a close and warm relationship.