First, you need to calm down, take yourself in hand, if you have succumbed to a panic. Now we need to remember what you can tell about them. If not get it quickly, you can take the conversation slightly away from his statements and talking to the girl. But you should not ask this question to her. Just to ask, what can she say about you during this period of your acquaintance. Thus, you will win a little time.
First of all, tell about yourself as objective. No need of boasting and exaggeration. Better even a little bit to downplay their achievements and abilities. When you have to demonstrate them in practice, you will make a greater impression.
Now actually about what to say. First, tell the girl about where you learn, how you learn why. Talking about studies, is the most common, so start with him. Tell us about the Hobbies connected with educational process.
Then proceed to the story of their life ambitions and Hobbies. Can fill her in on the details of their Hobbies, but don't be fanatical, otherwise she gets bored. If you exercise, be sure to tell us about it, but not priukrashivanii events. Talk about all the interests of his life. As soon as you start, all you need will come to you mind. Most importantly do not be afraid and do not test shyness. Carefully follow the behavior of the girl, so she was not bored.
In the last turn tell us about their views of the world, the philosophy of life from your point of view. It is not necessary to speak and argue a lot, otherwise you may experience controversy. Remember that everyone has their own opinion and will defend it.