First, make sure that you do not bring the girl's negative emotions. If she is determined to get at least a neutral, that's good. This information can be obtained from your mutual friends. If there are none – carefully observe its behavior; let's see how she reacts to your words, actions.
First of all, start a conversation with compliments, sweet words. Tell the girlthat today she looks simply amazing. The woman loves the ears! Remember that the eyes and smile can say a lot. So from time to time look at her, throw her a smile. You can even lightly touch her arm or shoulder.
Ask her chores, health. Ask how she spent the day. You have to show her my concern. So you position it to yourself. Remember that there is no place for arrogance and obsessions. If you feel that the lady of your heart is tense and not in the mood for socializing will reschedule the conversation for tomorrow.
Find out more information on them. Unobtrusive ask around friends, acquaintances, parents. Ask what Internet sites she visits most often. Then, describing his ideal, mention the information that is extracted indirectly. She will wonder what your ideal is so match with her character, habits, interests and favorites.
If you see that such tactics bears fruit, and the girl not against to communicate with you, you can gently hint to her about his crush. Everybody likes to know about their originality, so tell me what makes it different from other. Be sure to emphasize those quality girls that you like the most.
Paving the way, you can confess your feelings directly. This "wave" the girl would react to sympathy graciously. Your chances of success is higher, the more you yourself are interested in them.