Go to entertainment venues that have not yet been. Visit the circus, theatre or Museum. Find out in advance where in your city there is an interesting exhibition, and invite him to it. Remember the childhood and go to the zoo.
Arrange a sudden trip to another city. Read on the Internet about the city that are close to your. Select the most interesting in your opinion and at the meeting ask your sweetheart to go there. This unexpected trip will be remembered for a long time, wandering through unfamiliar streets will make you even closer. Try to be back before dark, or think ahead about where you will spend the night.
Picnic on a desert island. If near your town there is a river with a small island, it will be the perfect option. Rent a boat, prepare delicious snacks and drinks. Embark on an aquatic journey and then relax together on the private island. If you had no island, have a picnic right on the boat.
Arrange a surprise party. Secretly invite your friends, and buy food and drinks, decorate the apartment and call her boyfriend to visit. When he comes, will be pleasantly surprised by this unexpected celebration. Fun definitely will not be bored.
Stay active outdoors. Visit the equestrian club and learn to ride horses. Arrange a joint walk on rollers or bicycles. Even if neither of you have ever stood before on the rollers, will still be fun. Collaborative learning and new activity will bring.
Invite him in the evening to walk near the sea or river. The quiet rustle of the waves will create a romantic atmosphere, especially if you choose a deserted place. Maybe you decide a little walk in water or swim. At the end of the date look at the setting sun in the arms of a loved one.