First of all you must understand how much you like the guy? More precisely – what you want from him? A long, serious relationship, with the prospect of starting a family, or short-term, noncommittal, whirlwind romance? Based on the answer to this question, and pick clothes for a first date, and demeanor. If a guy is interested in you only as short-term sexual partner – almost certainly the first thing your date will end in bed. Respectively, and should be done either on your or on - site apartment, a country dacha, by talking to you, no one to bother you. If you serious types - not in a hurry to bring the case before sex. The guy in no case should not be thought that you are too relaxed, an easy girl. Of course, acting like the shy prude, and also not necessary, but a middle ground is to follow. The choice of date then it will depend on your taste, preferences, weather, and financial capabilities. The girl should bear this in advance so you don't accidentally put your man in an awkward position. For example, even if she loves gourmet food, it is hardly necessary to insist on a date at an expensive restaurant. It is possible to spend time in a cozy cafe, or bar, or bowling. If the weather is warm (late spring, summer or early autumn) – worth a wander in the Park or to go out of town. In that case, if the girl loves animals, you can hint the guy that should go to the zoo. Double benefit: the cost of such a campaign is relatively inexpensive and the girl will probably arrive in a good mood, observing the behavior of smaller brothers. If it is winter and not very cold – you may recall that at the time of his youth, grandparents the most romantic place for a first date was considered to be a skating rink. Of course, this, at least, the gentleman should more or less hold well on skates. If his partner is almost not able to ride, the young man will be a wonderful occasion all the time to hold her hand or hug her waist, not risking to sound too Intrusive. You can go to the Park, to a Museum, movie, concert of your favorite band. A lot of options. Importantly, in the end, not a place of Dating, and the atmosphere. You should be well, comfortable in each other's company.