Bonus points are awarded for deposited funds, for each 30 rubles is charged 1 point. They can get free minutes within the network, packages SMS and MMS messages, Internet traffic. The required packages can be activated directly from the phone, and via the Internet.
First check the points by dialing *115#. In the response message you will receive the following menu:
1 – Balance.
2 – activate the bonuses.
3 – Help.
4 – Settings.
To check balance, type and send 1. Try to do this for 10-20 seconds, as the wait time is limited. In a new message, re-select and enter 1 – "balance Inquiry". In response you will receive information about your earned points.
To activate the bonus again send the command *115#, but enter the digit 2. There will be information about the available bonuses, each bonus will have its own room. Enter and send the number corresponding to the selected bonus.
In a new message, you will see a detailed list of options selected bonus – for example, the number of free SMS or MMS messages and their "cost" in points. Select the desired option and send the corresponding number. You will receive a message notifying you of the activation of the bonus and its action time.
To activate the bonuses via the Internet you need to enter the "Service Guide". Go to your regional website of "MegaFon" (it is possible to move from the Central site of the cellular operator). Log in to the system "Service-Guide", it is necessary to enter the used phone number. You will immediately be sent a password to login, don't forget to record it. Log in with your mobile phone.
Enter the "Service Guide", look for "gifts and Bonuses" - "MegaFon-Bonus". In the command window after processing the request, select the "reward Activation". On this page you will be able to decide who will activate the bonus, yourself or another party. Then click "Activate".
In the next opened window you will see the list of bonuses with the information necessary for their activation points. Select the package and click Next. Your request is processed, you will receive a message to activate the selected package.