Points on the Megaphone is made in the following way: for every 30 roubles spent on the account is credited with 1 point; if no negative balance during the month - 2 points; a gift for my birthday – 5 points; use of "Mood" - up to 10 points, etc. for a More extensive list of operations for which the accrual of bonuses, can be viewed on the official website of the operator. To know the current number of points, use the USSD command *115*0# or*100#.
Convert your points into money on the Megaphone, you can use a special USSD-command. Dial *115*(package code)#1 and press the call key. Code package will be the amount in rubles, which you wish to receive. Currently available to subscribers of following packages: 005, 010 (5 or 10 rubles, respectively), 030, 050, (30 or 50 rubles), 100, 150 (100, 150 rubles). Thus, wanting to redeem points for the amount of 150 rubles, dial *115*2*150#. Remember that the possibility of such an exchange does not always exist. Any limitations can be found on the website of the operator or the reference service of the Megaphone.
You can transfer points into money on the Megaphone, calling the number 8-800-550-05-00 (or dial the short number 0500). Navigate to the voice menu "Mobile telephony" and listen to the prompts. To save time, you can immediately go to the "MegaFon bonus" by pressing 5 key. Following the prompts, select and activate a suitable reward.
Take advantage of the personal Cabinet "Service-Guide" on the official website of MegaFon, where it is also possible to get money for the accumulated points. To gain access to the system send to the number 000105 SMS with a code 41. Also login to your account directly from your mobile phone by dialing *105#. Select "MegaFon bonus" and make the exchange of points for money.
Accumulated points can be redeemed not only in money, but also free calls to subscribers of other mobile operators, SMS packs, Internet traffic or various Souvenirs from the operator: pens, flash cards, keychains, mugs and other useful gifts. What incentives are available to subscribers in your region, and how to get them, you can find on the site operator MegaFon under the "spend points".