E-mail constructed by analogy with the operating system of your computer. All folders, files and shortcuts when clicking "Delete" does not disappear from our computer and placed in a special folder, the Trash. To restore the email, open the recycle Bin on your box. Locate the desired letter and select it by placing a tick in the box next to the sender's address. Mark multiple emails if necessary. After this action all specified commands will apply to each selected letter.
Click the "Move" button, which is located at the top of "Basket" above the messages to delete. In the dialog box, select the folder in which you want to restore the current marked letters. Click "OK" to confirm your action.
Check the settings of the Recycle bin in your mailbox. By default, all emails that are moved to the recycle Bin, deleted after each exit from the box. To be able to restore deleted messages, change the settings so that emails deleted by you manually.
If you have already removed all email from the "Trash", sorry, it can not be restored. You can ask your companions to send you a copy of the deleted e-mail, because, most likely, all sent mail is stored on the user in the folder "Sent messages".
If the sender is not possible to send you a copy of the letter, contact technical support of your e-mail. Fill out the request form and explain your problem. Wait for the answer of the administration in a few days. However do not expect an absolute guarantee of return of letters. Daily through online email thousands of emails, and recover your mail will be difficult.