The gap refers to the hidden formatting characters, in fact it is self – sign, it takes place in the document. If you have hide such invisible characters, you'll only see a blank space between words. It is not always possible for eyes to determine how much whitespace is in the text – one or several.
To know where to remove extra spaces, make the formatting characters visible. To do this, open the Home tab and click the button with the symbol "¶" in the group "Paragraph". In the paper all spaces will be marked with " • " on the seal, it is not displayed, but facilitates orientation in the text.
Place the cursor after the extra white space and press Backspace - space will be removed. Another option: position the cursor in front of the extra space and press Del. These methods work if you're editing a small snippet of text. To remove spaces in a long document it is better to use another method.
Highlight a piece of text or the whole document. Open the Home tab and scroll to "Edit". Click on the "Replace". In the opened window make sure that the active tab is "Replace". Enter in the field "Find" some spaces, and in the "Replace with" is only one. Click on the "Replace all".
Be careful, gaps in window replacement are not indicated. If your text there are double spaces, put in the "Find" two spaces, if triple – three, respectively. You may have to repeat the action several times for different number of extra spaces.
After executing each command Word editor notifies you of how many replacements in the text was produced. When done replace multiple spaces with one, close the window "Replacement". To evaluate the result you will be able to include all of the same mode display the paragraph marks and other hidden formatting characters.