To disable prepaid the first way, use the USSD command *110*272#. Need to send it with the SIM card, which is valid subscription. Wait for the response message that the service is disabled. Then third party vendors will no longer be able to withdraw funds from the account to your phone, but you will not be able to withdraw and cash out using their service instant transfers and also transfer the accounts of other subscribers.
To disable these services separately, that is, for example, to make the subscription did not work, and mobile transfer worked, you can't - either all disabled or all enabled. Send that USSD-command is possible even in roaming, including international, it is not charged.
The second method of disconnect should be used when in the home region. Call 0611 and wait for a response consultant. Ask him to disable the advance invoice. As in the previous case, wait for the message about the successful trip. After that will come to the same restrictions as in the previous case.
You can call this same number with a different SIM card "Beeline", also located in the home region, and then to explain to the consultant on what room you want to disable the service. In this case, you will have to call the passport data of the owner of the SIM card on which you want to disable the advance invoice. In the international, and in some cases, and in domestic roaming call to number 0611 will be paid.
Third-party vendors shortly after that as to them no longer receive funds from the account of your SIM card will automatically disable the subscription. The period during which this occurs may be different from one week to six months, and no reports about it not usually receives. After the subscription is gone, the advance invoice can be enabled back. But to do it with the phone keypad will not succeed.
Call 0611 (also being in the home region), wait for the answer of the consultant, and inform him that I wish to re-enable the advance invoice. Tell him your passport details. Now you can make mobile transfers to withdraw your SIM card cash, etc. But be careful not to fall for the tricks of suppliers of entertainment subscriptions, otherwise advance payment will have to disable it.