First of all, the tumor can be suspected in feeling or appearance. It can be similar to the seal, ball, ball, wart. Special attention should be paid to the change of the form or shape of a mole. If it grows and becomes unbalanced, it is required to show specialist. Cancers are constantly increasing and can affect practically all human organs. But it must be remembered that even if someone has a tumor, it does not mean that it is malignant. Often it is simply and quickly removed by surgery.
Sometimes the tumor is manifested by pain. In the early stages the person can still do not to be sick, but he feels the discomfort too much of something (foreign body, a feeling of fullness, bloating, sore or squeezing). Often this is accompanied by some discharge, purulent or bloody.
The tumor could not be felt, but overall health will be that doctors will suspect a thing. Cause fears are the signs of intoxication, such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, sweating, loss of appetite, and then the dramatic weight reduction.
When the tumor reaches considerable size, it disrupts the function of an organ. For example, if cancer of the bowel can occur it obstruction, pancreatic cancer, you may receive diabetes in lung cancer — pneumonia, etc.
The presence of the tumor is possible if a person has sores on the skin that do not heal, impaired swallowing and digestion, and appear painful cough or severe hoarseness, frequent headaches or pain in the bones, periodically, the body temperature rises. But this is all common symptoms of many diseases, which may not have any relation to the tumor. To rely on external signs and panic in advance is not necessary. It is important to contact the experts. To ensure its presence or absence, a number of medical research.
To identify the tumor is possible by means of biopsy, radiological techniques, endoscopy, computed tomography, ultrasound, MRI, etc. Also in modern clinics do tests on the determination of markers of cancer. Markers — certain biologically active substances appear in the blood in large quantities before, when itself appears a tumor, but cancer cells already there. If they identify, it is possible to successfully cure cancer at an early stage.
Can help diagnose tumors the study of the human immune system — the holding of the immunograms. The doctors in this case, determine the weaknesses in the human immune system, carriers of mutant (changed) gene, which is not yet ill.