Not less frequently than once a year, donate blood for analysis. It is available to all the study allows to determine malignant disease of the hematopoietic system. In addition, changes in individual indicators in the analysis may alert the physician and prompt to the appointment of additional examination. There are specific tests that can detect in a sample of blood tumor markers — substances that appear in the body in the development of a particular type of cancer. However, there are dozens of different tumor markers and tumor types, and therefore these studies are not used for primary diagnosis: inspect the body at all impossible, for obvious reasons.
Women need twice a year to visit the gynecologist. During the examination the doctor can detect any changes that indicate the beginning of a pathological process. It is also recommended to do an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, it is possible to detect cancer at an early stage. To detect breast cancer should be to undergo annual mammography, however, with preventive purpose, the study is only women older than 40 years.
Once a year do an abdominal ultrasound. It can be used to detect even small tumors that still do not manifest themselves. In addition, the doctor can be alerted enlarged lymph nodes, which in some cases can indicate cancer.
The appearance of the swelling without apparent reason, consult your oncologist. Especially should alert painless education. If the lump was caused due to trauma or inflammation, but it is not for a long time, this is also the reason for urgent specialist advice.
Monitor your moles. If one of them begins to grow, change color, ulcerate, bleed, itch, immediately contact your oncologist. Such changes are a sign of malignancy.
To detect the tumor in the head is possible only by CT or MRI. However, these studies were not carried out prophylactically. So watch out for his health. When poor coordination, the emergence of a strong persistent headaches, recurring hunger vomiting (occurring in the morning on an empty stomach) contact your doctor and get tested.