Don't try to find and download the program voice typing. Although Russia and some designed for this application, for example "dragon", it is unlikely that you will be able to print the text voice. As you know, the speech of each person is different and will have very long and usually unsuccessfully to configure the program to print the vote was carried out without error. It is better to use more simple and effective method.
Apply in your work simple and effective method of typing voice, which very few people know. For this you need to download and install the "Google Chrome" browser. Go to "Extensions" and presented on the website of the developer of add-ons find the "Voice search" (Google Voice Search). After it is installed in all of the fields for entering any data on the websites and the search engines will be integrated with the icon that looks like a microphone. Accordingly, if you wish to enter text by voice on a qualitative level, purchase and connect a good microphone.
Examine the work of this extension Google and try typing voice. To do this, click on the microphone icon in the search bar and say the phrase or you can just offer. A few seconds in the line for data entry will appear in the text you read. So common and simple tool for voice search becomes even more effective than a special program for voice typing.
Complete set of text by voice on the computer. To do this you need to read the sentence or phrase in the microphone and then transfer them from string to the browser in a text editor (or leave in place if you need to print something from the Internet). However, effective print voice requires taking into account some of the subtleties.
Try to pronounce the words as slowly and clearly, so voice typing Google is not always accurate. If you need to print a long sentence, better break it into several pieces, pronouncing them one by one. Over time, you get the hand and using this tool, you can quickly gain a voice, even lengthy and complex texts.