Although typing on a computer is very simple and much easier than the old typewriter. Need only one time to deal with the sequence of required actions. First and foremost, to know what computer programs enable you to work with text most simple way.
Windows operating system, which is pervasive, by default, offers users two main programs to print text: WordPad and Notepad. Both of them allow typing on the computer and print it on the printer, differing only in its functionality. To find these programs, go to the main menu on the desktop: start - > All programs - > Accessories -> WordPad or Notepad.
Opening the program, you will see a window with a blank white. Is your e-mail sheet on which you print the text. The menu button located at the top of the program window allow you to correct and edit it to erase the unnecessary letters, cut out fragments, to highlight certain phrases, etc.
Look closely at the keyboard in front of you. Most of it is keys with letters, as in ordinary typewriters. Just for computer keyboards used in Russia and the CIS, on each key bears two letters: Latin and Russian. This is done in order to be able to simultaneously use both Russian and English, alternately switching them with each other. To see what language is included in your case, type a few letters.
Clicking on the button, you will see a white field with the text of the program see the letters. If the installed language is right for you, continue to print. If not, it can be switched in any combination of left Shift+Alt" or "Shift+Ctrl+Alt, or by clicking the language bar, located in the lower right corner of your desktop. Create new paragraphs, you can use the Enter key located on the right side of the keyboard.
Typing a few sentences, you must save them to your computer's hard drive so that your work is not in vain. To do this, click on the word "File" in the main menu at the top of the page in the popup list select "Save as". You will see the Windows reflecting the files and folders located on your hard drive. By default, Windows always opens the folder "My documents".
At the bottom you will see two blank fields: "file Name" and "file Type". In the field "file Name" enter the name you wish to designate your text. The field "file Type", leave as is. Then press "OK" or "Save". Your text is saved and you can now work with it further, without fear of losing has been done. In the process, from time to time repeat the save procedure using the "File" menu or using the button with the floppy disk icon.