The goal of any trading firm – maximize profits from the sale of goods. Market forces encourage manufacturers to take various measures to increase sales, including analysis of the current market situation, consumer demand, development of new production plans, the study of the dynamics of the various indicators.
The most important indicator of growth or decrease in profits is the volume of trade. As the name suggests, this term refers to the exchange of real goods or services for money. The turnover is the aggregate value of the entire batch of sales. Is the monetary result of its transition from the production phase to the consumer for satisfaction of consumer needs.
These needs are studied in the prediction of the future strategy. The entrepreneur needs to consider many factors in order to increase the volume of trade. It is primarily the demand that is dependent on the season of the year, place, fashion, mid-income category of customers, etc.
Distinguish the retail, small wholesale and wholesale the amount of turnover in accordance with the business type. This value is calculated for the selected time period: day, month, quarter and year. The calculation formula is quite simple:T = Σpi•qi, where pi are product prices, qi is the number of them.
The structure of turnover are different for each individual company. Varieties of products may be several, sometimes up to hundreds of items, so for a correct calculation it is necessary to first calculate the product of the characteristics of each of them and then sum.
For example, the company is engaged in production of stationery products: staples, paper, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Then to find the volume of turnover, it is necessary to perform addition for all product types:T = (rsqr•q_скр + rbwm•q_бум + ...).
The analysis of the dynamics of trade turnover is to compare indicators for two periods: current and base. In this case, determine the volume index of turnover, which is a General and physical. The first is the ratio between the current and base period and characterizes the change in the value of the goods:IO = Σp1•q1/Σp0•q0.
The index of physical volume of turnover shows how its dynamics is affected by increase or decrease of quantity of goods. In this formula mentions only the price of the underlying period:F = Σp0•q1/Σp0•q0.