Advice 1: How to calculate increase

Through the concept of "gain" analyze the changes occurring in the economy and other spheres of life. If Newspapers write that the price of milk increased by 12% compared to last year - we all understand what it means. But not everyone knows how to calculate the specified value. But the calculation method can be applied for analysis of personal finances.
The increase is necessary to control
Set the time interval. The increased growthand allows us to estimate changes in time. Therefore, a necessary starting point and last time point recorded in the present. Suppose we need to compare the increase in wages by July 2005 since July 2004, i.e. during the year.
Define indicators at the beginning and end. Let in July 2004, the salary received at his hands, was equal to 15 thousand rubles. In July 2005, the salary had a value of 18 thousand rubles.
Subtract from the final figure initial. Subtract from 18 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, we get 3 thousand rubles.
Divide the resulting value by the initial figure. Divide 3 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, produced of 0.2.
Multiply the resulting value by 100%. 0,2 multiply by 100, we get 20%. Thus, for the year the increase in wages amounted to 20%. They also say that "wages rose 20%.
Growth can be negative. If at the end of the period the salary is 14 thousand rubles, at the 3rd step, subtract from 14 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, we get -1 thousand.

Then at the 4th step you divide -1 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, we get about -0,07. And at the 5th step, multiply this by 100, we get -7%. Have negative growth, i.e. wages for the period under review decreased by approximately 7%.
Useful advice
After computing the test to avoid errors. If on the calculator to 15,000 add 20%, the calculator will show 18000. Hence, the growth are identified correctly.

Advice 2 : How to calculate growth rate

The concept of "the pace of growthallows for a dynamic analysis of the speed and intensity of development of the phenomenon by comparing the values obtained after a certain period of time. In addition to the paceand growth in these analyses included such indicators as the absolute growth, the pace ingrowth, the absolute value of one percentgrowth. They are used for the analysis of dynamic processes in industry, Economics, Finance.
How to calculate growth rate
Determine which dynamic variables you need to calculate: chain, baseline or average for the entire analyzed period. Chain are referred to as indicators of the intensity value changes from period to period or from date to date within the borders of the analyzed period. Benchmarks relate to the period defined as a base usually is the initial level values in the analyzed period. The pace of growth is expressed in percentage to baseline or previous period. If it is expressed by a simple relationship between the two comparands, then it is called the coefficient of growth.
Determine absolute values withgrowth indicators (P), they are equal to the difference of the two compared levels. The coefficient of growth (K I), chain or base, calculate as a ratio of current values to previous or base period.
The basic factor of growth (KB) is equal to:
KB = P /,
The coefficient of chain growth (KC) is equal to:
KC = P i/P-1 , where:
P – current absolute value withthe growth of values, the value of the index base period, P-1 – the absolute values of the previous period.
Express the ratio of growth in interest and you will get the value of tempand growth (Tr):
Tr = Ki * 100%.
Semantic and statistical load base and chain - pacedand growth different. With the help of benchmarks can reflect intensity changes over the entire period since the start of the measurements. By chain the pace ofs growth rate changes in fixed time intervals. In General, the pace of growth shows the percentage level of the current period is from the initial, baseline value of the indicator. It is easy to see that the product of the value chain the pace ofs growth should be equal to the base tempofrom growth over the period.
Useful advice
For analytical calculations is used or the growth factor or the growth rate, in essence they are identical, and are expressed only in different units of measurement.
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