Set the time interval. The increased growthand allows us to estimate changes in time. Therefore, a necessary starting point and last time point recorded in the present. Suppose we need to compare the increase in wages by July 2005 since July 2004, i.e. during the year.
Define indicators at the beginning and end. Let in July 2004, the salary received at his hands, was equal to 15 thousand rubles. In July 2005, the salary had a value of 18 thousand rubles.
Subtract from the final figure initial. Subtract from 18 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, we get 3 thousand rubles.
Divide the resulting value by the initial figure. Divide 3 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, produced of 0.2.
Multiply the resulting value by 100%. 0,2 multiply by 100, we get 20%. Thus, for the year the increase in wages amounted to 20%. They also say that "wages rose 20%.