To start, determine the level of annual turnover for previous periods of the enterprise. If your company is just starting their career, take statistics on the industry and learn by the example of their competitors.
Look at the forecasts of inflation gives the government plan. This figure must be indicated when planning the State budget.
Enter the correction factor for calculation of the annual turnover planned: you want to keep turnover at a steady level, then a correction factor equal to one. If you want to increase sales, you need to understand what factors it is possible: by carrying out more aggressive promotional campaign, due to product updates, due to the increase in prices – determine these factors and develop an implementation plan linked to annual plan.
Perform the adjustment you reached the result of previous years for inflation to the planned year and the correction factor is the increment or reduction of the annual turnover. Example: for the previous three years turnover of your company stood at 3 000 000 rubles per year on average. You have decided that this year you will increase its annual turnover by 15%. Then expected annual turnover will be: 3000000*1,15 = 3 450 000 rubles. The government announced that the expected rate of inflation in the planned year 7%. Enter a correction for the expected inflation rate: 3 450 000 * 1,07 = 3 691 500 rubles is the planned value of the annual turnover of your company. Why need to multiply by the inflation factor, not to take it? You want to get the sum of the annual turnoverequivalent annual turnover for the previous three years. So if you are planning annual turnover in the amount of 3 450 000 rubles, and annual inflation will be 7%, then the actual amount of the annual turnover will amount to: 3 500 p. 208 That is, you will not achieve this result.
Now divide the annual turnover by months and get the expected sales value for each month. In this case, try to consider features of your activity – don't share turnover at equal parts. Any activity even in such a short period as a year has its UPS and downs. Follow the example of previous years, and plan the monthly turnover in accordance with market fluctuations. Then your plans will be more accurate.