Most often, the expression "volume of production" means the amount produced or sold by an enterprise of products over a certain period of time. It can be expressed in quantitative and monetary terms. To find the volume of production in monetary terms, multiply the quantity by price per unit. The calculation becomes somewhat more complicated if the products are not homogeneous, and price, respectively, varies depending on the party. In this case find individually the volume of each batch and total the results.
Quite often the need to calculate the amount of products in so-called comparable prices. Comparable prices are the prices of a particular year or on any particular date. They can be clearly known and recorded or found through the appropriate coefficients, for example, through inflation. In the case when you want to find the volume of production in comparable prices, to multiply the number of produced products at prices of a certain year, or to adjust the volume of production in current prices for the required ratio.
Also common situation when you need to find the volume of productssold within a certain period, e.g., quarter, six months or year. However, as a rule, known for the remains of goods at the beginning and end of the period. To find the volume of the product within a certain period of time, to the volume of productproduced during a given period, e.g., year, add existing remnants of products at the beginning of the year and subtract the remnants of productsheld in storage at the end of the year.