When drafting lesson plan allot for the summing up of the lesson at least 5-7 minutes. Try to keep this stage does not go beyond the allotted lesson time, that is not held after the call.
Clearly announce to students that you will now sum up the lesson. Wait until the class of absolute silence, get students pay attention on your words and actions.
After all the students will be with rapt attention to listen to you, report, are you satisfied with the working class as a whole. Put students informed about how did class with the objectives set at the beginning of the lessonif you have achieved the main goal.
Then give a qualitative characteristic of the work of individual students - those who have performed well in the classroom. What are the scores you put them. Pay attention to those who are not well answered, Express their wishes about these children.
Try to give a brief and succinct formulation. Do not allow long arguments and proceedings with respect to individual students. Remember that at this stage of the lesson is given very little time and need the time to perform class work.
Select from the General education block those rules and concepts that are learned best, then put the emphasis on the ones that still need to work on the subsequent lessonH.
If the lesson was conducted in a non-standard form and had the form of a competition between the individual teams of students should describe the work of each team, to give an objective assessment of their activities, enter grades, the most active students give a well-deserved prize to the winner team.
Collect the journals, I will assign grades for work in the classroom. At the end is usually given homework.