You will need
  • diploma or transcript book, calculator
Take your diploma, and if not, gradebook, and count the number of evaluations. Those who use a record book, it is important to be careful: it takes into consideration only those estimates that go into the diploma. So first find out which ones definitely do not go there and therefore do not count. As a rule, do not go to a diploma for some of the differential tests in cases where the subject does not end. Remember that the diploma is always going assessment by course work and practices.
Count the total amount of the obtained scores. I.e. just add the assessment to the assessment. Easier and faster to count how many fives you have, how many fours and how many threes and multiply each of these evaluations on its quantity.
The sum scores divide by the total number of evaluations. The resulting number will be your average scoreom.
Example: your diploma filled in marks in 45 subjects. From them, you get 20 fives, 20 fours and 5 threes. Multiply 20 by 5, 20 at 4 and 5 on 3. The resulting numbers (100, 80 and 15) fold. This amount (195 scores) divide by 45. In the end, leave about 4.3. Thus, your average score is 4.3.