First of all, analyze why it happened. Perhaps you became insufficient time to devote to study for some good reasons (illness, family problems, etc.) or you just don't want to learn?
It is not necessary to resort to melkogravijnye action, someone to put "on the lookout", and, armed with a proofreader or blade, stubbornly wipe deuces and bet five. That will be of little. The teacher, as a rule, clearly remembers every one put them a rating, and be sure to see a similar correction. In the end, you may have a serious problem.
Fix the rating in the magazine , "closing" it a positive rating. This mark is placed near objectionable to you, and previous as if loses its force.
Ask your tutor to ask you in the next lesson, we should not Express their dissatisfaction. Better show that you understand the guilt, realize the worth of their assessment and want it at any cost to fix it.
Prepare well before you answer again for the same topic. If you want to correct "two" to "five", surely, your teacher will very carefully ask you, be prepared for it.
If the assessment is that you are not satisfied, billed as quarter or annual, correct it as described above, is unlikely to succeed. Humble, and draw conclusions for the future, even a negative result will motivate you to self-organization and more responsible attitude to the educational process in the future.
If you think that the assessment issued to you biased that the teacher violated your rights or treated you too biased, talk to the teacher, ask him to reconsider the situation, to them that you agreed to demonstrate knowledge of educational material on the subject.