You will need
  • - writ of execution;
  • - court order;
  • - notarially certified agreement on the payment of alimony.
Calculation of arrears of alimony for the past period on the basis of a writ of execution, usually performed within the past three years. However, the amount of debtand have to calculate as long as the entire amount is repaid. In this case you cannot apply the Statute of limitations.
Repayment of debt is calculated on the basis of what the equivalent was awarded payment of the debtand alimony. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage of income.
In that case, if the alimony awarded in a fixed amount, then this figure must be multiplied by the number of elapsed months, during which there was a debt and added to the amount of current child support. However, the total amount should not exceed 70% of the income of the debtor.
When payment of the debt as a percentage of income, it is necessary to sum all the debtor's income for the past period and divide the sum by the number of months in the billing period. Thus the percentage amount of child support per month, which must be multiplied by the number of elapsed months. However, the sum must also not exceed 70% of revenues.
If in the intervening period of education debt on alimony, the debtor officially anywhere did not work and received no income, in which case the amount owed is calculated based on the minimum wage. In that case, if the debtor has several children and arrears of alimony was common - maximum deduction percentage of income should be distributed equally among all the children.
To cancel financial debts for alimony can only in two cases: in connection with the death of a child or the debtor. If the calculations or direct repayment violated the interests of one party process, the party whose interests have been violated has the right to go to court.