You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - the writ of execution and a photocopy;
  • - a voluntary agreement and a notarized photocopy.
If you made a voluntary notarial agreement on payment of alimony, it is subject to strict enforcement along with the court order. On the basis of a voluntary agreement or writ of payment shall be on your account systematically. The first amount you will receive, not later than two months.
To recover the debt for the payment of alimony, contact the court bailiffs. Apply, please submit a writ or voluntary agreement and copies of such documents.
The statutory period for the recovery of arrears of alimony amount to two months. One week service officers are required to proceed to enforcement proceedings.
To recover the full amount of the debt a variety of ways. If the defendant has a job, his company will be sent a writ of execution for compulsory deductions from wages. Alimony will arrive monthly to your account or sent via email.
In the absence of work , the debt for child support can be collected from the Bank accounts of the defendant. For the bailiffs to arrest them until full repayment of the total debt amount and compensation.
Also, the entire amount of the debt may be recovered by sale of property of the debtor. Bailiffs are required to produce an inventory and send the property to sell on account of repayment of debts for alimony and compensation.
Often there are situations when the debtor does not works, has Bank accounts and property. This option of debt collection on alimony is the most difficult, as the bailiffs to take just nothing. But the payment of alimony for child support is a debt that must be done. To remove only in case of death of the defendant or child. In all other cases it shall be paid.