If you need to find the address e-mail organization, or officials, go to the appropriate website and navigate to the "Contact information", "How to contact us", etc. to learn e-mail of any officials, for example, the President of the Russian Federation, just go to his website and find the appropriate section of information.
If you do not find the electronic address of the organization to search in big cities refer to the database of system companies "Double GIS". The program can be downloaded to a computer or to use online on the official website of the company: In addition to our database of phone and addressindicate s even and e-mail.
Do a search using one of the search programs. Enter in a line of search the company name or person's name, address, email which you want to find. You can use the search engine Google. If the company or particular person appears in the existing data, it will be possible to see its location on the map, contact telephone number and email address.
To find an address of a private person, consult social networks such as "Classmates", "My world", "Vkontakte" etc. Sign up in any of the communities, and start searching. Remember that to find the electronic address will fail in that case, if ever it was made public along with the name of its owner.
Search through the directories of graduates. Find the official website of the higher education institutions through a program of search engine, go to the website you are interested in a College or University, select "Alumni". Quite often universities are sharing information about their graduates, which contains the names and possibly email address.