In order to open a paid Parking lot, the first thing you need to take the land on lease from the municipality. It should be noted that the profitability of this business directly depends on the location of the Parking lot. It is believed that sleeping areas - the most profitable area. Therefore, in such areas should position your venture.
After the issue of the land is resolved, you have to prepare the project documentation for the construction of Parking and submit it to multiple organizations.
Next, you have to deal with is the Parking. The first thing you need to ensure its security. This will protect the area, equip the guard shack. Order on-site Parking will be able to provide a surveillance camera. They also will help employees serve customers more efficiently and conscientiously.
The key to profitability of your business might be the right organization of the work of the team. Workers should very seriously approach to their duties. Keep a log of the clients account, which records data about the vehicle and driver, as well as the arrival time at the Parking lot.
Will not prevent profitable operation and a small advertising business. For example, you can put the signs up at the entrances of nearby houses. It will not require large expenditures, but you will attract enough clients.
Always be prepared for visits from the regulatory authorities. To avoid potential fines, please observe all regulations. For example, the distance between the machines should not be less than 7 meters. On asphalt, located next to your Parking lot, from time to time apply a special liquid, which prevents the absorption of various petroleum products.
With proper organization of work of the Parking lot you can get a profit after a few months. When a successful scenario, you can expand the business by opening a garage cooperative or multi-storey Parking.