Design Parking – a long-awaited and welcome event for any owner of the office, the owner of the store finally just a tenant of an apartment building. It would seem that it may be easier to create Parking? However, the cost of construction with interest kompensiruet to. There are two common situations: the design of Parking near the office/shop etc. and making Parking in the yard of a house.
In the first case, the solution may be multiple. So, if in the vicinity of the building there is a municipal/private Parking for a fee, sign a rental agreement with the owner and use stipulated number of Parking spaces on their territory. If the area around the building allows you to place Parking spaces, you can try to make an own Parking on it.
Agree on the lease of the adjacent site for use as Parking. Negotiation is in the municipal services responsible for land resources (depending on the city court may vary, to specify the recipient of your application is possible in the municipality).
After consultation with the city services the same procedure should go to the traffic police. Agreeing use of the site for Parking, you can proceed to signing lease agreement. Only after that you can prepare the project for the equipment of Parking, which is also necessary to coordinate with municipal services. Getting your hands on a coherent project, you can begin to equipment Parking.
Making Parking in the yard of a house procedure less troublesome, although much depends on such seemingly irrelevant factors as your neighbors. The fact that the yard area is the joint property of the owners, and then devote part of the yard area for Parking only by common decision of the partnership of tenants. With such decisions made at the General meeting, shall be sent a statement and a project in the municipal service.
Approval of such projects in most cases passes smoothly, because ownership of the land the municipality has not, and to disrupt any communications like this construction site as Parking cannot.