The complete elimination of free Parking will occur in January 2013. Paid Parking will be organized in such a way that parked cars do not interfere with the free movement in the capital. According to preliminary calculations, the owner will pay for one hour not more than 50 rubles. This is a perfectly acceptable price if there is a need to visit the centre of Moscow, to make purchases or to solve the immediate problems.

Randomly parked cars are a significant obstacle for the movement of personal and public vehicles in the city center and often create an emergency situation. With the advent of paid Parking this problem will be fully resolved.

From 1 August 2012 will start to work information website and dedicated call center, where experts will explain to all wishing information concerning the new project. The website will provide an interactive version of the schema and available paid Parking.

In November will be running test projects. The first paid Parking will appear in Karetny Ryad, Teatralnaya square, On Petrovka. By this time, will take all necessary amendments to the laws and issue new regulations. The transition phase will last for the whole period of the settlement arrangements for the new project.

Residents of the capital will be informed about the availability of vacant places at Parking. Trial Park have already started their work. For leaving a car you can pay for cashless form of payment.

From January 2013 on the Boulevard ring will be impossible to leave the car, not putting it on a paid Parking. Legal free Parking spaces will remain. From July 1, 2012 was repeatedly increased the amount of fines for vehicles Parking in the wrong place. How effective are measures to address congestion in the busiest areas of the capital, time will tell.