There are only 40 tickets and 800 questions, knowing the answers or the rules by heart, you will be able to solve them. On the exam you are allowed to admit only 2 errors, so the subject need to know. Can not be written off due to the fact that solving of the task will have on the computer. Moreover, in the presence of the inspector of traffic police your courage evaporate.

How to learn the tickets SDA

It is better to approach this issue from the other side. To learn all the tickets really well for one week, with a day for 4-5 hours. To start is to read the rules of the road and, already acquainted with the basic terms, signs and part of the requirements for the traffic on the road, you can start ticketing solution.

Ideally this will suit any well-known website with tickets online which gives comments to the questions. The correct order in preparation for delivery would be proveshivanie all tickets in order to remember wrong answers. Those tickets, which you have made more than 2 mistakes, mark one digit, 1 error – another figure. If you decide without errors, put this ticket number the digit 0. So after the decision of the 40 tickets you will have a great stats and is a little lean knowledge.

Now it's time to refresh the rules in memory, especially those topics that had the most errors. After that you remains nothing how again to try to solve all the tickets, which had at least 1 error. So you will be able to compare improved your knowledge on the first attempt.

As a rule, to people just 2-3 repetitions of these actions, to memorize the correct answers and a good idea to understand the rules. Significantly improving their performance, can try to solve tasks in which the questions will be mixed, i.e., from 40 different tickets combined at random into one.

What to know traffic rules

Correctly deciding 10-15 tickets, you won't have to worry and not to learn, you will be able to solve the ticket on the inside, and then the traffic police exam. Here, as in any other discipline or job it is important to learn the theory to later good to use it on the road during a training ride and after getting my license behind the wheel of his car.

To learn traffic rules is very important as the most basic you'll remember forever. Usually this is enough to travel all life without an accident. Anyway knowing the answers to questions that arise during the ride, calms and gives confidence in their own actions.