You will need
  • - printed edition of Rules of the road;
  • - computer with Internet access.
The rules of the road need to know everything. You drive a car or are a pedestrian - this knowledge will come in handy every day. Who lit the light, can I move in this place the road, if You miss the driver, you will not be fined if a parked car were some of the issues of the many those who are using the rules of the road are solved every day.

Without knowledge of traffic rules impossible to get a driver's license of any category. Therefore, it is better to start learning in advance.
To quickly learn the rules of the road, there are several ways. In order to understand which one is best suited for you, think about what information you perceive is better: printed or shaped.

If you find it easier to remember what they read, get a collection of Rules of the road (make sure that it was the latest edition with the actual edits and comments). Begin to learn the rules, carefully read the sections and, if necessary, outlining particularly important points. Pay special attention to Chapter "Traffic signs".
If you have more developed creative thinking, it may be easier to learn traffic rules with the help of special programs. Enter in a search engine "traffic online", select the link to the official website of STI ( and start learning the rules of the road in the examples. The program for the exam in the SDA consists of cards, each of which contains a description of the traffic situation and several response options for the right action. When a wrong answer, the system detects your mistake and gives the detailed solution of the example with excerpts from the SDA.

It is considered that this option is more effective, as it allows in addition to study to prepare for the delivery of theory in the SAI (the exam uses the same software).

The more you pass the online testing, the quicker and better remember the rules of the road.