Gathering white mushrooms, inspect them carefully, wash in cold water, remove dirt and wash again. Old and young mushrooms treat separately from each other. The first is perfectly suitable for frying or stewing, and the second to prepare the soup. Optionally, separate the cap from the legs and arms separately.
Clean the mushrooms fold on a cutting Board and slice with a sharp knife into plates with a thickness of approximately 3-4 millimeters. Each mushroom taste, if it tastes bitter, don't use it.
If the mushrooms are young and strong, but a little wormy, let them soak for 30-40 minutes in a little salted water and then wash in cold water. Worms will remain in the salt solution. Much worm-eaten mushrooms not use for freezing.
In a saucepan pour the required amount of water, add salt, put on fire and bring to a boil. Lower back the mushrooms and cook, stirring constantly for 5-7 minutes. This procedure will reduce the amount of mushrooms that will allow you to save some space in the freezer. Put the mushrooms in a colander and allow to drain water.
Place mushrooms in bags in the required quantity. For freezing mushrooms can also use plastic containers, but in this case, remember that mushrooms when frozen increases in volume, so do not fill containers more than three quarters.
On each package or container, attach a label indicating date of procurement and put in the freezer. To freeze mushrooms , you need quickly so for a time reduce to a minimum the temperature in the freezer.
Store white mushrooms at -18 degrees.
Shelf life frozen mushrooms – 8-12 months.