You will need
  • - synthetic detergent;
  • cure scale;
  • - citric acid.
After purchasing a washing machine-machine, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer of household appliances, which contains detailed guidance on the operation and Laundry products from different types of fabrics, and also set the optimal temperature for each program.
Before washing sort the linen according to type of fabric, color and temperature of washing. Program designed for cotton garments, performs the washing at a temperature of 60-90 degrees. If necessary, you can decrease the set temperature mode. Download drum may have a maximum.
To wash every kind of fabrics, use a special synthetic detergent. For white fabrics, you can apply the powder with optical bleach, for colored fabrics designed washing powder labeled "color" on the packaging. Wool products wash with liquid funds, preserves the structure of the fabric fibers, preventing the formation of pellets, moult. Wash delicate items on a specially designed mode of liquid detergents, designed for the care of these fabrics.
In the washing machine can wash bulky items. If you decided to refresh the autumn, a winter jacket, blanket, pillow, include reduced speed spin and two additional rinses.
At the last rinse use fabric softener. The dosage indicated on the package in the instructions for use from the manufacturer.
If you performed a hand wash and you only need to rinse or wring out underwear, turn on a special mode intended for this type of action.
Don't forget that the deadline for operation of the washing machine depends on the degree of your concern for her. With each wash, use a special powder that prevents scaling on the drum and the inner elements of the washing machine. Once a month, use a descaling product intended for use without loading the drum or citric acid at a dose of 60 ml is for single use only.