Each unit is accompanied by instructions, so before you begin to wash, carefully read the terms of use of this machine.

Usually in a washing machine has three compartments for detergents, located in the upper part of the device. Offices marked with special icons, or numbers. Almost all cars have a gradation as follows: the first compartment is for pre-wash, then there is a compartment for conditioning, and the third for the main. Understand the purpose of offices can be also according to their size: the smallest is used for rinses, more – for pre-wash and the main – for the main.

Compartment for air-conditioner is denoted by a special symbol – the asterisk (chamomile). On some models the symbol is located at the end of the box for washing. If you were to remove it, you will see the desired sign.

For a more precise definition of the compartments run the washer and wait for water. Pull out the box and see where water flows. This compartment is for washing.

Another method: pour into bath water if the compartment is intended for detergent, water will immediately flow into the tank.

When you start the washing machine immediately pour the required amount of powder with main compartment and fill with air. Set the wash time, and you can forget about the unit. But you can during the process to nominate the box, for example for topping up the air conditioner. This in no way affects the operation of the machine.

Some detergents can be inserted directly into the tank of the machine. Basically it is a powder that does not contain colored granules. To use them, purchase a special container for washing in the tank.

Sometimes the powder will not fully rinse out the tank. To reduce the likelihood of nevimune detergent regularly clean ducts and drain holes under the box.